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available as chilled or frozen

Whole chicken
Whole chicken with no offals, with or without neck. Calibrated...
Chicken breast Fillet
Chicken breast fillets, with or without inner, single or double...
Chicken inner fillet
Chicken inner fillet, tab on or tab off, calibrated. ...
Chicken leg quarter
Chicken leg quarter, calibrated. Thighs and drumsticks available...
Chicken leg meat
Leg meat, skin on or skinless along with other elements ...
Deboned whole chicken
Deboned whole chicken (skin on) also available. Optional calibration...
Chicken wing
Chicken wings, 3 joint or cut into prime, mid and tip...
Strips & diced chicken
High-precision cuts available thanks to I-cut and Water...
Chicken offals
Hearts, gizzards, livers. Chilled or frozen. Packaging...
Chicken portions
Portions, necks, upper and lower backs. Chilled or frozen.
Chicken skins
From breast or leg elements. Produced from breast or legs...
Wishbones, breast and leg trimmings...
Process byproducts
Processing byproducts (blood, feathers, etc.) and chicken feet...

Special projects

Looking for a unique product, based on your specification? Our Research & Development team is waiting to hear about it. Send your request to sales@kpsfood.pl


Packaging types

Shelf life depends on type of packaging, ranging from 9 to 16 days. Frozen products also available.

MAP trays

Standard sizes: 1kg/ 2,5kg / 5kg


MAP bags

New - 15kg MAP



Vacuum packaging, blue or transparent foil New – 15 kg VAC


Blocks & polyblocks

available for frozen products.


Cardboard boxes

Adjusted to a wide variety of product packaging, enclosed or open-top. Customer branding available as an option. 

Dolaves / PALBOX

Bulk packaging offering capacity up to 500kgs. Plastic or cardboard. 

Plastic containers 

Standard E2 containers and stackable versions available, allowing you to save storage space in transit